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Drug Addiction

Nowadays wars against drugs, prescription drugs are seriously posing a multinational problem because many people are becoming addicted to these. Since prescription drugs are legal, these pose even more challenges prescription drug addiction for the governments of various countries and pharmacy agencies. Addiction to these prescription drugs is not only dangerous similar to the addiction of illegal substances because medical drugs are even more dangerous when abused and pose severe hazardous health and mental problems. Today's teenagers are more likely to have abused medical dosages than a variety of illegal drugs like Ecstasy, cocaine, crack, and methamphetamine. Addiction to prescription drugs starts when an individual starts using drugs in his or her own way other than doctor prescribed format. This misuse of drugs turns into abuse, which eventually evolves into to addiction. When a person takes the drug for some reason other than medical ones and starts using the drug more than the recommended dose and prescribed quantity, then he or she is becoming addicted.
Signs of drug addiction to prescription drugs and illegal substance also include unethical behavior and change in their cultural trend and behavior. Total Dependency on these drugs compels people to do whatever it takes to get their mind satisfied and achieve their targets in a fix, hurry with stupendous reaction. Prescription drug addicts will start to fake illness or pain and they will try to subdue their pain. Some people start to visit multiple physicians, doctors so they get more prescription letter pads so they buy more dosage of legal drugs but they intend to use. Many people go over board and they start to steal and use drugs prescribed for others, usually raiding the medicine cabinets of friends and family.

For helping the substance abusers, prescription drug abusers, addicts, the foremost factor is the early recognition of their symptoms is essential, so you could reduce the ill effect of the drug. Most of the addicts usually give up their normal activities, routines, spiritual and ritual patterns in which once they devoted their ninety percent of time. Even many would dump their good old friends so they can hang around with new friends and pals. Substance abuse also affects the performance, orientation, social hangings. In most severe cases, drug addicts will be help for substance abuse drunk and they will not be interested in social gatherings and always try to stay away from family and friends. The psychological effect of these substances and drugs makes a person more and more aggressive and irritable, so he or she won’t even have that patience, further they look depressed, hopeless, and even suicidal. These people exhibits selfish behavior and do not care about others downgrading the environmental stability.


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